SHOWS. He is 29 years old and has already acted in two fictions: "A dream I have been pursuing since I was a child"

Eleonora, from Lentini to Rome to become an actress


LENTINI. (* sds *) Since childhood, theater has been the greatest passion of his life. She has always dreamed of becoming an actress. A dream that he cultivated. and pursued for years, And because it became a reality, he packed his bags and moved to Rome. Eleonora Micali, 29, succeeded, after a year of hard work, in "breaking into the world of show business and fiction by playing a part in" The little girl with the red coat "and" Born yesterday ". Eleonora Micali was born in Lentini and after her high school years, she moved to the capital to attend the theater course, acquiring the main notions of acting and some notions of television and cinema. Eleonora Micali, with tenacity and perseverance, works with Roman theater directors and companies, until a director writes to interpret a 75-minute monologue from the title: "The little girl with the red coat". The young lentinese actress shoots down the audience that has dedicated ten minutes of applause to it. It is the beginning of Eleonora's career, the realization of a dream pursued and caressed for a whole life, with the awareness

that the road is still full of difficulties and bitterness. The Micali last spring is signed for the cune fiction among which "Born yesterday".

For Eleonora among the next engagements, besides the television, there will be the theater with "The journey sought ..." written and directed by Sasą Russo with Tiziana Procopio that will be brought to the theater next 5 and 6 May. «I left my city - said Eleonora Micali with shining eyes - It is a dream that I pursued and finally come true. Entering the world of entertainment is a gamble. In these years I have learned tenacity

and the constancy to get something ».