A senso unico @ Teatro Manhattan



Two women ironically "burlesque", two sadly ironic women struggling with a amused, but not too much, an account of their life together. The two shared, e they share a great complicity and, perhaps, a sincere friendship, although each one of them flaunt an approach to your femininity that is completely different and at times strident with that other. Barbara and Grazia are no longer young, yet they still want to laugh, of have fun and drink in company. Their evening together frees the flow of memories and makes them emerge portraits of so many men, small and large masks that for a single night or for a some time they have colored the existence of the two friends and, in some cases, they have also caused some shocks in an apparently stainless relationship. But what unites really the two women? An authentic desire for burlesque or rather the self-regulation of a fun and clean label for a life of easy women? The stories and the lines of Barbara and Grazia give the viewer the opportunity to draw their own conclusions, also because, to be honest, the good interpretation of Eleonora Micali and Sara Adami, both fell perfectly in the role and absolutely believable and amusing, not it is enough alone to give the impression of completeness to a text from the ending, perhaps too much hasty. On the other hand, the choice of the setting is excellent: the living room that holds the memories of the two women is reconstructed with colorful tints and eccentric objects, which seem almost to blink atmospheres from Moulin Rouge. Overall, Sasą Russo's show gives the audience of the Manhattan an hour and a half of discreet comedy, composed and never over the top, and, why not, some food for thought on the many facets of human character.

Review by: Marco Pelliccioni