The comedy "A senso unico" at the Manhattan Theater from 11 to 14 November

by Luca Nigro (source: IL MERLO PARLANTE)


The small Manhattan Theater hosts a hilarious and original comedy, as if to confirm the adage of good wine in the small barrel. The piĆce "A single sense", written and directed by the brilliant Sasł Russo, offers many laughs and some "legitimate reflection" in the finale. The title of the show is the description of the way in which the two protagonists have decided to lead their lives, which eventually change direction dramatically. The rhythm of the text is changeable and the sensations that the audience experiences are extremely varied, ranging from laughter to deep meditation with enormous fluidity and extreme naturalness, just as happens in a conversation between friends.


On the stage Barbara and Grazia, played respectively by Eleonora Micali and Sara Adami, tell the public about a dialogue in which they review their memories and their experiences.

The two friends, among glasses of wine and excerpts of songs, fish in the pile of their photos. In this brief journey among the memories, the two women narrate anecdotes about the bizarre characters they have encountered in the course of their lives lived in perfect burlesque style. Eventually the protagonists will feel the lack of something in their lives. This feeling will lead them to reinvent themselves and start a new life path, diametrically opposed to the old but always "one way".


This work is an excellent example of the great creativity of the author and director Sasł Russo, very good at imagining a dialogue between women so realistic and comic at the same time. Under his careful and precise direction, the two talented actresses enhance a representation with a simple plot. The personality and character of Eleonora Micali give strength to a mysterious and complex character, which is inextricably linked to her face and her voice. The superlative test by Sara Adami stands out, whose expressive spontaneity make her a fantastic interpreter of the burlesque theater. The reflections and ideas that this show provides are innumerable.

Observe through ironic eyes the situations that often make us suffer, to laugh at ourselves and to remind ourselves never to take ourselves too seriously, can help us start our lives from scratch with the right impetus to be able to live it fully.