All crazy for Eleonora Micali, a Lentian actress who arrived in the homeland of Obama and peanuts


Try and try again without giving up before the first raised eyebrow or the first skeptical family comment. A new dimension sought with a rational spirit, leaving no room for adventures to Indiana Jones, with lightness and a pinch of concreteness. It really seems that our Eleonora Micali lentinese doc, did it to us .. Faced with the difficulty of finding suitable writings the young actress, after an intense apprenticeship in theaters of prose, the last Roman experiences, decides to follow her instinct and to look for a way as an actress in the immense video game that today the big apple: New York;

Little more than thirty, the right age at the right time, wearing the mask of the hound who must first of all think of finding a job, a place to sleep, ribald and determined not to give in to the usual compromises that a beautiful southern girl must accepting to aspire to an artistic career, Eleonora is not discouraged and embarks for the USA.

Will his long and qualified resume be enough to make a breach and be noticed by some American agency?

"No that's not enough!" he could hear himself murmuring behind him as he climbed the ladder of the plane as he peered at her purse full of memories and innumerable hopes.

But the experience gained over the years in Rome that certainly a kind of survival university blended them in the head, developing a single certainty to cling to - the engine of this overseas people for those who know them and admire one and only one and it's called: merit.

<< If I am worth, I have to prove it here - he said - Without excuses or pretensions >>

Don't stand still, do even wrong by recalling what Ennio Flaiano said: "The rising peoples have no dialects".

And in the end Eleonora goes to the mark: first an email and then the meeting with the famous manager of the stars Kathy Donahue and it was love at first sight.

To Kathy that proud air and that fascinating look, heralding a bloody and passionate character, convince on the first take.

Temperament and sensuality are the artistic sign of Micali.

But for beauty it was necessary to wait only a few days and finally the coveted writing for

"Unprotected witness" title of the proposed pilot episode to the pins

important American networks and TV, series originated with Frank Gigante and Stuart Chirichella of "My

way Prodnetion ".

Eleonora played the role of Maria, the woman of the boss, in prison at the service of a witness.

And already e. . . perhaps this is still the new world!