Eleonora Micali, "A fanciful woman" who is very popular on the Roman stages

The lentinese actress inaugurates a theatrical review dedicated to the director and author Daniele Valmaggi in September in Rome


Another important appointment for the Italian actress Eleonora Micali.

That, after the success of the "nonologo" "A fanciful woman", will inaugurate in Rome the theatrical review "The theater that was not there", dedicated to the director, actor and author Daniele Valmaggi, founder, with Sabine Frantellizzi, of the Studio theater Keiros. Adapting the festival, on September 13th, will be in fact Eleonora Micali with the presentation of "An imaginative woman - A Manhattologist", written and directed by Stefano Maria Palmitessa. A work that tells, in a brilliant key, the American experience of the Lentinese actress, in a sequence of incredible facts that follow one another in the life of a young Sicilian woman who tries to enter the world of American cinema.

"Texts - says director Stefano Maria Palmitessa - that come from an idea of ​​Eleonora Micali and tell a true story where the imagination

it is only the backdrop to the episodes of real life narrated in these brilliant monologues; rather "nonologues" and "manhattologhi". The representation is in fact the sequel of the nonologist "Una donna fantasiosa", already presented in New York and at the Matera festival. A monologue, defined as "nonologist" precisely because it was dedicated to her grandmother - a woman of small stature but very strong - who was an important figure in the life of the actress. The festival, directed by the same Palmitessa and centered on the theme "I need feelings", aims to identify and promote research theater and experimentation with new expressive languages, with particular attention to the sensitive aspects of visual aesthetics.