Eleonora Micali is "A fanciful woman"


From Lentini to Rome, to New York. "An imaginative woman" arrives in the States where November will be presented at the Fiao Center (Federation of Italian American Organizations of Brooklyn). The monologue, written and edited by Stefano Maria Palmitessa, will be staged by the actress Eleonora Micali. spet tacolo himself, who has left Lentini for some years before moving to Rome and then New York to pursue his passion.

After the presentation of the monolo go to Lentini and Rome, also in New York. How is this spectaco born in the States?

"It was born for the States. In fact, when I got the Green card, I wanted to bring something original to New York that belongs to my culture. So I decided to stage the monologue in Italian with English subtitles to promote our culture ".

A monologue, indeed a 'nonologist' where the figure of the grandmother first and that of the mother after, are terminating. But how much have these female figures affected their personal and professional growth?

This monologue, defined a nonologist at the same time. I dedicated it to my grandmother, an important figure in my life: a small woman of stature with a very strong character. Just like my mother, who kindly called us the marshal, a very bright person and a great source of inspiration. The two women have given me great strength both on a personal and artistic level and have been fundamental in the

my life. But my father also played an important role because he is a dreamer, just like me. "

A Sicilian show, in which Sicilianism plays a leading role. Don't you think it is a difficult goal, to convey to the American public aspects so rooted in our culture?

Mine is certainly an arduous undertaking but the idea was born precisely so as not to lose the Sicilian culture. Sicilians in the States are many and I am sure that those born of Sicilian parents and grandparents will know how to grasp the meaning and identify themselves in these figures, recognizing what is familiar in this story. It is a text through which I want to launch an imposing message: do not forget who we are and where we come from ".

Are you preparing other shows in the United States?

"We work on the theatrical sequel of An Imaginative Woman in Manhattan. I will also participate in the Matera festival and I intend to present the monologue in the various Italian-American communities in the States. In the program also graphic film projects with Italian-American directors .