Eleonora Micali: «Acting is my life»


When the theater is a reason for living. A "sacred fire" that becomes reality and turns into a trade. So Eleonora Micali leaves her city, Lentini, to move to Rome and soon to New York. With a single goal: pursuing his greatest passion and seeking perfection.

The actress for 16 years is engaged in theater, film and television.

For the big screen and television, he has acted in various films such as "The last 56 hours", "Butta la luna 2", "Pupi e pupari", "Squadra antimafia 1", "Ladri di lovers", "Again time", "Born yesterday" and "Aletto with pleasure". Numerous theatrical performances, in works such as "Caligola", "Le trachinie", "Ippolito" by Euripides, "The little girl with the red coat", "The wolf", "The devil and the damned" and "The tales of St. Francisco ". Micali last night was a guest of the photographic club "I Lestrigoni" in a meeting on "The limelight". A project on light in the theater, during which the Lentinese actress recited an extract from her latest monologue "Una donna fantasiusa".


From Lentini to Rome and then to New York.


How is this path born?


"I was 4 when I said: I will be an actress when I grow up. I always had a vivid imagination. I had fun inventing stories with protagonists characters that I played, managing to amaze my viewers, who were family and friends who turned into a real audience. Since then I have understood that as an adult I could have been an actress. I was also a very shy little girl and hid my shyness behind the characters I created ».


But what does theater represent for you?


«The theater is part of me. It cannot be separated from my personality. Every time I go on stage I become that character I play and live.

After 16 years of intense work, I always demand the impossible from myself and I am always in search of perfection ».


How much did acting affect your life?


«Theater is my life itself. It is a sacred fire, a passion that has become my only profession. It has conditioned my whole life with enormous efforts. Immediately after graduating from high school I moved to - Rome, where I attended the La Scaletta Academy and embarked on a long journey that made me a professional actress. Now I have decided to move to the United States, where there is meritocracy. I will dedicate myself more consistently to the cinema. After many sacrifices, I managed to get the green card that will allow me to live in the Big Apple »,


What were the most significant moments of your career?


«Certainly when I worked at the Greek Theater in Syracuse. On that extraordinary stage, an ancestral ancestral relationship between my origins and acting was created. A very important experience even during the recitation of a monologue on the Holocaust, preceded by long studies on the Holocaust ».


In a few months it will definitely leave for the United States. What are the new projects?


"Meanwhile, a tour is already ready in various Italian cities to present my latest monologue" Una donna fantasiusa ". The journey to the States will follow where I will present the soliloquy in the double version, English and Sicilian ».