September 26th, 2012



Eleonora Micali from television in Lentini's square.


LENTINI. Applause on the scene open on Monday evening in Piazza Oberdan for «The jungle of the pink quotas»: comedy directed by the Syracuse-born director Sasą Russo.


The event included in the program of municipal shows, saw an exceptional cast including Eleonora Micali from Lent.


The actress has been sharing for twelve years between Lentini and Rome where she lives, studies and works. We recently saw it in the well-known TV series «Squadra antimafia». Definitely the ideal face to play any role.


To talk to us then one is pleasantly surprised also by the way in which he tells the harsh mess-tin, the doors closed in his face, up to the leading roles and the voiceovers that led her to crown his dream. All details through which one realizes his true passion: that for the theater and for his beloved land. Thus his professional activity also becomes a tribute to his city.


R. G.