A lentinese in Testaccio


After several successful performances performed in the most prestigious theaters in Italy, Eleonora Micali, the young lentinese actress, made her debut at the Testaccio theater in Rome with "The little girl with a red coat" directed by Sasą Russo. The show that will be staged until November 19, has as its protagonist the young Eleonora that alone, carries on a monologue freely drawn from the homonymous literary work of Rome Ligocka. "Giving voice to the protagonist of the story, in theater, is a very strong emotion for me - comments Eleonora - Trying to relive the moments and the events linked to the period of the Second World War, lowering myself into the role of a little girl who, despite being Jewish, had to escape the harassment of the Germans but above all fighting between life and death with the ingenuity and innate superficiality of children, in a story that unfortunately was superficial and naive, it really had nothing, it was very tiring and demanding ". Eleonora Micale, who has been living in Rome for years, is studying acting and has worked with famous actors. It will debut at the end of December also on TV.