(by Jessica Zecchinato)


It debuted on Thursday, December 9th 2010, on the stage of the Duse theater in Rome, La giia delle quota rosa,

hilarious and ultra-modern comedy written and directed by Sasą Russo. Actor, director and author, Sasą Russo is

also director of the theater company Iposcenio born in Rome in 2010 with the aim of promoting

theatrical performances and artistic events of every form on the local and national territory; has several directories to his credit

theatrical, he works in the cinema as an assistant director, conducts a cultural radio broadcast (l'Armadio) e

he ventured into writing by publishing two books.


The story is set in an office in the capital. Four women wake up every morning and know that for

conquering the prestigious "upstairs sitting" have to struggle, they must implement strategies, plans

action, tactics to grab the promotion.


Each has its own way of acting: Gabriella fixed with yoga, the "zen that speaks cin", has the ability to "amuse"

in his free time with the director Alessandro Piano; Matilde focuses on the sensuality of Argentine tango; Anna, the

"Spy", always with the ear stretched out the doors of the offices of the colleagues, informs the director of gossip facts a

end of each working day; finally, there is a clear "naive". Naive because he still believes in meritocracy and

then work, work, work ... believing that this is recognized. Of course not!


The director in a videoconference will present to the four aspiring candidates who will sit on the beautiful “armchair in

leather, with a high back ”: it will not be any of them but the daughter, just returned from a master's degree in New York.

So, slip away all hope: none of the four got the promotion. Well at least they will have finished

fight and tend snares, traps, each other? But no the office is a jungle and you have to fight every day

to survive.

With an ironic look, the author and director was able to denounce the life of a woman and fatigue

everyday to be a mother, a wife, a perfect career woman.

A successful comedy thanks also to the skill of the four actresses Eleonora Micali (Gabriella), Veronica Corsi

(Matilde), Silvia Ferrari (Anna), Lorena Bartolomeo (Chiara) who boast brilliant curricula, with experiences that

they range from theater to cinema, passing through programs like Lorena Bartolomeo.

The music, curated by Gian Paolo Ceccaglia, ranges from S / I love women by Sabrina Salerno to A / ejandro di Lady

Gaga; songs that will accompany until December 19 The jungle of the pink quotas, on the theater scene