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Slabs of ice ", the new pice by the theater company Palt˜ Bleacheddirected by Stefano Maria Palmitessa will debut in Rome on May 15th 2013 and will be in repeat until 19 (from Wednesday to Saturday, 9.00 pm; Sunday, 6:00 pm) at the "Le Salette" Theater in Vicolo del Campanile, 14 (near Via della Conciliazione).

Slabs of ice ", written by Francesca and Natale Barreca, the usual collaborators of Palmitessa, tells the story of women who barely know each other and do not spend much time even if bound by blood: two mothers and two daughtersA summer meeting will reveal the hardness of the characters, their determination and decision-making coldnessBetween pressing rhythms and verbal confrontations they will be contrasted with their personalities, their choices and their opportunisms, remaining coldly consolidated in their convictions. A quick fragment without either a " p rima" or a "dopo", a detached and extrapolated sequence in which the characters do not let themselves be affected by unexpected revelations.

Stefano Maria Palmitessa , known exponent of the trend of the contemporary theater particularly aimed atvisual aesthetic and , explains these words because he wanted to stage it and what you should expect from his direction : "The action in this my last job provides as an essential component scenographic elements (draperiesthat no longer represent the social environment in which characters of the theatrical work come to life and are no longer even a decorative backdrop to itThey d evono , with mime and drama tinged with "s ense of grotesque", share the drama, pickles nearne the secret meanings; the Barreca brothers' text seemed to me ideal for this purpose. "

The cast consists of Ester Albano, Mary Fotia, Mattia Genovesi, Monica Maffei, Eleonora Micali and Giulia Tuzzi. The choreographies are by Mara Palmitessa, the scenic machines by Silvano Martorana and the music by Silverio Scramoncin. The make-up is by the Professional Makeup Academy of Rome and the body painting is done by Manuela Giorgino.


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