"Lastre di ghiaccio" (ice slabs) At the Teatro "Le Salette"


At the Teatro "Le Salette", a play with a suggestive title "Lastre di ice" was performed (today the last replica). The staging was carried out by the theater company Paltė Bleached, directed by Stefano Maria Palmitessa. "Slabs of ice", a drama written by Francesca and Natale Barreca, tells the story of four women who barely know each other and don't get together very often, for different reasons, even if in the end they turned out to be a strong neighbor: they are two families. determination and decision-making coldness. But in the end a twist will reveal something more. Let us leave Parano of Stefano Maria Palmitessa, an exponent of the theatrical community who is attentive to visual aesthetics, the reason for the staging and his direction: “Action in my last work foresees as an essential component scenographic elements (draperies) that no longer represent the social environment of the play and are no longer even a decorative backdrop. They must, with mimicry and a veined recitation of "sense of grotesque", share the drama, underline its secret meanings; the Barreca brothers' text seemed to me ideal for this purpose. ”In reality, we have seen with a certain curiosity a theatrical work totallydirected ”, in which the text - dramaturgically speaking - assumes an almost complementary function within of work as a whole. A deliberately surreal, or metaphysical, work in which the actors (whose faces are painted, almost humanized masks) are sometimes lifted and moved like dummies or move like puppets manipulated by invisible ropes. Recitation becomes almost choreographic, certainly imaginative, very mimic, with the drapéries that come to life in turn. The most successful moment, in our opinion, the mimed moment of swimming in the sea! An atypical show, in short, that can please or not; but certainly interesting. The cast consists of Ester Albano, Mary Fotia, Mattia Genovesi, Monica Maffei, Eleonora Micali and Giulia Tuzzi. The choreographies are by Mara Palmitessa, the scenic machines by Silvano Martorana and the music by Silverio Scramoncin. The make-up is by the Professional Makeup Academy of Rome and the body painting is done by Manuela Giorgino.