The jungle of the pink quotas


Written by D.B


He made his debut on November 9th at the Teatro Duse in Rome, La jungle delle quota rosa written and directed by

Sasł Russo is produced by the theater company Iposcenium. The curtain opens and four women go up

on stage dancing to the tunes of "Siamo Donne" by Sabrina Salerno and Jo Squillo. Four

very different characters with a single goal: to occupy the place of the "vacant chair of the



Chiara, played by Lorena Bartolomeo, is the typical career woman who wants to get the

promotion at all costs and does it by dedicating yourself completely to work without even a moment

of leisure. Gabriella, brought on stage by a convincing Eleonora Micali, is a woman apparently

very relaxed thanks to her passion for Indian yoga. Silvia Ferrari interprets in a manner

funny Anna, the hangman on duty. He knows everything about everyone and spends his time eavesdropping on the doors of the doors

colleagues. Finally Matilde, Veronica Corsi, passionate about Argentine tango showing off her

sensuality at all times. The four employees will do nothing but aim for that chair and

they will meet each other when the company director, Alessandro Piano, will summon them for

announce to them the final unexpected decision. A mix of funny jokes that look to the

jungle of the working world and the pink quotas between gossip and the by now wan meritocracy. One

a successful show that Sasł Russo directs with mastery, addressing a theme that is more current than ever. Not

this is the first time that Sasa Russo has enjoyed success at the theater. In November the company that

he directs, the Theatrical Company Iposcenium, debuted with A senso Unico at the Manhattan Theater. Also

in that case it was a great success, so much so that the other replicas were staged

at the Studio Uno Theater. "The pink quota jungle" is on stage from 9 to 12 and from 16 to 19 December at

Duse Theater (Via Crema, 8 - Rome, San Giovanni). From Thursday to Saturday at 9pm and on Sunday at

18. The ticket price is █ 10. For info and reservations: 3290776939 (company) and 0670305976