America Oggi - 1st november 2018



The "intimate drama" of Eleonora


NEW YORK. Sicilian actress Eleonora Micali speaks to me rattling off words, without haste. The text, "A Fantasiusa Woman", needs no acceleration. It is based on fragments of life, brief emotions, tiny stories, memories, immersed in the traditional Sicilian irony, which knows how to find even a light appearance in the tragic. The script is by the playwright Stefano Maria Palmitessa, who is also the director of the show.

Eleonora Micali brought the text anywhere in Italy, dressed in black. Saturday 10 November will also be the stage of the new F.I.A.O. Brooklyn. "A Fantasiusa woman - a nonologist" encompasses the tribulations and domestic anecdotes of a Sicilian farming family. We always smile, we smile at dialectal expressions, but also at grandmothers who have difficulty with the modern language. Sometimes the viewer is guided

THE "Sicilian"

"It is creativity, bloodyness, it is the proverbial sympathy combined with a note of madness of our people"

given to the confines of cabaret, almost always in the world of fragile family piscologia.Micali does not hide its total association with the text: "The Sicilianness of colors, creativity, bloodyness, the proverbial sympathy combined with a note of madness of our people, certainly they are appreciated and also embodied by my art. However, this does not mean that I would have a great desire that these values ​​were not obscured by that bitter resignation in which, sometimes, we fall .

In Palmitessa's monologue, the adventures told from the protagonist's point of view seem to have very private connotations. Micali remembers that, when the family members were in the audience, it was taken "a strong emotion tinged with an understandable embarrassment that I read on the faces of my parents and my sisters. But it does. The vividness of the descriptions that the author drew and the brilliance of the style he had chosen could only be from my family members lived with a minimum of embarrassment which, almost immediately overcome, melted into a warm and stunned enthusiasm ". Also because "the text of Stefano Maria Palmitessa is born from some of my ideas" specifies the actress.

The finish of one of the small paintings of the work is formidable, the dinner in the presence of a black woman in a traditional family.

Although the show navigates within the southern environment, the

There is no fear of differences in understanding: "The author has evaluated the aspects of language and vocabulary so as not to have problems before any international audience".

Micali brings the show to the scene from (relatively) new town in New York. In the show there is an obvious presence of a beloved man and, from the point of view of a Sicilian, it is interesting to know if she herself has discovered differences in the relationship between the Italian man and that of New York: "A question that I makes you blush! I will give a superficial answer, so I don't risk to upset my male audience. We say that the Mediterranean have a greater cunning. That's enough. "Finally New York: how do you live New York as an actress? "I love this city! I love his people, Micali continues the fervor of his activities even if sometimes frantic, the electricity that is felt in every street, in every alley, the

certainty of recognition of merit in the goals hoped for by its citizenship, the acceptance of which multi-ethnicity bears witness. When I compare the two words 'New' and 'York' printed on the postcard that depicted the Statue of Liberty in my adolescent hands, and the dream come true of being able to perform in the heart of one of the historic districts, I force a tear "I conclude" Micali.

"Una Donna Fantasiusa" by Stefano Maria Palmitessa is played by Eleonora Micali, Saturday 10 November (7 pm) at the Centro F.I.A.O. (8711 18th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11214). The acting is in Italian and in Sicilian with the help of titles in English. For tickets, the site is: Information: (718) 259-2828