Come back, Eleonora

Descrizione: Macintosh HD:Users:sekketto:Desktop:WRKS:micali:APPO:CONTENT:PRESS:materiali:traddef:t100-2019.jpgBoom! A rocket in the

sky of Lincoln Center. 

An explosion of

energy barely trat

estate. 6.15pm on saturday

last: Eleonora Micali on stage -

scenic of the

Fordham University for

the event organized

by the Association

Alba Sicula managed by prof. Gaetano


Rivers flow by

comic jokes to de

write a scombi

born biography of arts

It is.

A show in one breath, a one woman show

recited with surprising interpretative skills from the bra

very dear Eleonora, whose genius she also takes on

intuition to make his life an artistic event.

For the first time the choice to present a monologue

to an audience not always favorably captured by the research theater.

And finally a standing ovation!

The intelligent text of Stefano Maria Palmitessa author and director of the opera "UNA FANTASIUSA WOMAN"

UN NONOLOGO , encloses in an amazing casket of ideas, a life spent directing theater companies on Italian stages.

Splendid the frame of public with guests who have honored the event with their presence.

Come back Eleonora let us have fun again!