On stage at the Teatro Anfitrione «The stork has fun»

"Series" pregnancies for the Minister of the Family

Sergio Ammirata star of Roussin's comedy

It's the embarrassing story of a politician with an illegitimate child


"The stork has fun", staged at the Teatro Anfitrione until February 8th, is the most entertaining comedy of André Roussin, one of the masters of French brilliant theater.

»Represented for the first time in 1951 and immediately became a worldwide success, the piece is irresistibly comical in its central theme: the incredible series of pregnancies in the family of a family minister, interpreted with great flair by Sergio Ammirata (in the big picture ). His wife Carolina, a middle-aged lady played with elegance and humor by Patrizia Parisi, turns out to be unexpectedly pregnant. Her daughter Anna (Simona Oppedisani) is also expecting a boyfriend's boyfriend, while her son Giorgio (Matteo Nicoletta) has made her father's Russian secretary pregnant. If then the illegitimate son of the minister emerges, who has just promulgated a law for the closure of the closed houses and above all an increase in the penalties for abortion, the situation is considerably complicated, with unforeseeable consequences.

The cast is completed by Enrico Pozzi, a grandfather of great vitality, Gioia Cellentani, a sin of the minister's youth, Vittorio Aparo, the "son of guilt" in love with existentialism and Eleonora Micali, a servant full of brio. The comedy, which has its strength in a whirlwind of misunderstandings and gags, has its own surprising relevance in the central role it gives to the family and the importance that children have in it, even the most unexpected ones. Directed by Sergio Ammirata creates a show that combines comedy and humor, with a series of scenic inventions that constantly displace the public. The scenes and costumes of Clara Surro faithfully restore the atmosphere of the Fifties.