La Sicilia may 7th 2020


«Here all cinema-related activities take place online through workshops»


The image that most struck her was that of becoming an empty and surreal New York accompanied by the sensation of breathing a decidedly cleaner air.


The hectic and chaotic metropolis took on another aspect during the pandemic, the Eleonora Micali actress from Lentinese - who has moved to the States for some years - is experiencing this difficult health emergency with great serenity and is ready to start again, Even if, in reality, it never stopped. And, like her, her colleagues who continue to follow workshops and workshops and test. Because, as Eleonora says. in the world of cinema and theater there is a great desire to start again and return to one's own activities.


"Actually - says the Lentinese actress - my work hasn't changed much. I have been collaborating with director Stefano Maria Palmitessa for some time and we have never stopped even in this pandemic. In fact, we work in smart working and plan our activities through video conferences. In fact, we meet every day and we are preparing the tour of the States where we will present The first and second monologues. Here in New York all film and theater related activities are taking place online through workshops. workshops but also eco cast. or casting from home »

The actress, when the emergency began in America, was in fact ready to face this new situation also because for some time, with the family living in Italy, in Lentini, she had followed all the developments of! virus, from the discovery of the first case in Codogno to the arrival of the contagions in Sicily.


And now he is trying to face the new situation very calmly. Also thanks to meditation. I am a Buddhist - Eleonora continues

Micali and meditation is helping me a lot to face this particular moment of emergency.

I was one of the first to get gloves and masks here in America because I was psychologically ready for the pandemic, having followed the events in Italy, but the thing that struck me most was seeing New York. empty, silent and breathing a clean air, without the strong smells of street food that invade our streets ». SICILIANITY plays a leading role aimed at spreading our culture in the States meanwhile the director Palmitessa has already presented a film series for Netflix. of which Micali will be the protagonist. entitled "An too red orange" and at the same time he is working on the third monologue. which will be called "Londonologist".


The monologue "Una donna fantasiusa" is written and directed by Palmitessa but conceived by Micali which recounts emblematic episodes of her life in a brilliant key. An all-Sicilian show, in which Sicilianity plays a leading role aimed at spreading our culture in the States.


To requests to return to Sicily during the pandemic. Elonora Micali refused from the first moment: "When this pandemic period started, my friends asked me to go back to Italy to face this difficult moment with my family. But I didn't hear an apple.

I could not go back to Sicily in order not to endanger mine but above all the health of others. Living alone in this period is not easy but with great commitment I am facing everything. I hope that from this strong experience a revaluation of all social relationships will emerge and that everyone will review himself and commit himself to change what needs to be changed. I'm sure, however, that when this emergency ends, everything will start again with a greater charge ».


Gisella Grimaldi