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"Eleonora Micali, the actress who makes the New York public understand Sicilian"
november 23th 2023, interview by Sabrina Francalanza - Sicilian Post
(in italian language)

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The life and career of a fantasiusa woman,
Eleonora Micali.

Childhood: Eleonora Micali's Roots/Beginnings

Eleonora arrives in New York from Lentini where she was born on October 13, 1977, by the artisan Michele Micali, known as “Geppetto” for his wooden manufactures and by Carmela Aparo, called “The marshal” for her practical and authoritarian temperament. She is the third of three daughters. "A 'born actress", her family and some friends say about her, referring to her personality both as an artist and as a woman.
Eleonora has a childhood and an adolescence full of sacrifices but even in adulthood she will not depart from this mold. It grows between the care of the maternal grandmother and the warehouse of oranges in which the mother worked.   Read more »

Adol: The Love of Acting

"The best moment at school was that of acting," said the Italian-American actress, who accurately remembers the period in which the first telenovelas from South America arrived in Italy. At the time she was eleven years old. Argentine actress Grecia Colmenares becomes her undisputed idol. So strong was the desire to follow in her footsteps that she no longer wanted to go to high school and attend only an acting school. But Eleonora will have to wait for her age. Studying acting and becoming an actress for Eleonora is not simply a wish, but the fundamental need to assert her authenticity.
She loves acting, through it she manages to dare to get in touch with every part of herself , without leaving anything out. Without excluding ambiguities, suffering, lies, fears, symbolic and real faults.   Read more »

Statement: Eleonora's Most Dramatic Moments

The past of studies and insights has led her to outline what her strengths are today. In fact its ability to use various dialects is recognized by the director Stefano Maria Palmitessa with whom she begins a very strong relationship, full of artistic stimuli. With him he will give life to collaborations of great depth. It was Palmitessa who pushed Eleonora towards the collection of some real anecdotes that will form the basis from which he will draw the point for the script "Una donna fantasiusa – un nonologo", dedicated to her own maternal grandmother. The text is a huge success that later she will draw "Una donna fantasiusa 2 – un Manhattologo” based on her life in America.

Faith: Her Inner Strength

In 2011, while working on a show on the Holocaust (taken from the girl by Polanski's red coat), her life takes a further turn, more intimate and spiritual. She knows the Buddhist philosophy and feels it immediately hers, as if it had always been there, in a hidden part of herself . And it is from here that she begins to shed light on her life and to evaluate the idea of moving to New York.
In the last ten years her theatrical career was high and reached its peak but trying to work for the cinema something had cracked. The auditions were a farce because the interests of the recommended ones prevailed.   Read more »

Suc: Eleonora Micali's Journey to Success

In the last ten years her career has stood out high reaching the maximum splendor. In 2013 she arrives for the first time in the big Apple. And it's love at first sight. She takes advantage of her short stay by attending a three-month workshop with John Strasberg, son of Lee Strasberg (founder of the Actors Studio). It thus gives vent to her desire to grow and improve her being an actress.
In Eleonora's mind a new certainty appears: "it is here that I will live".
And at the same time, a new great challenge opens up. It will not be easy at all to extricate oneself from the dense bureaucracy linked to immigration in the United States. After a long battle that seemed impossible in 2017, she moved to New York.   Read more »

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